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Loss or damage to your business? You are entitled to loss assessment!

As an entrepreneur you have enough on your plate. Turnover and growth, targeted investments and satisfied clients: together with your colleagues you work hard to achieve these goals every day. But then, out of nowhere, disaster strikes. Your company suffers huge damage and your organisation and staff are heavily burdened. The insurer sends a loss adjuster, but who is going to look after your interests?


Especially when facing even more business issues than usual, you want to rely on experts who will catalogue exactly what losses you have suffered. Who are decisive and focus completely on your interests. Who persevere and tackle matters, like Von Reth contra-expertise’s loss assessors.

  • Loss assessment for your company

    If you suffer loss or damage in your business, you are entitled to loss assessor’s services. Your insurer may have pointed this out after the loss event, otherwise read your policy for details.

    Von Reth contra-expertise’s objective assessment ensures that you get what you are entitled to. We will, for example, ascertain who is liable and look beyond the visible damage. We will have a healthy critical attitude towards your insurer. Not because we assume there will be conflict, but because we want to do our utmost to safeguard your best interest.

  • When do you need loss assessment?

    The first few days after a loss event are hectic. You nevertheless have to make decisions that you cannot undo later. Call in Von Reth contra-expertise as soon as possible. With us on your side, you will have the same knowledge as your insurer from the start. And it is precisely this information that will strengthen your position if your insurer does not wish to pay, or only in part.

    Do not confuse loss assessment with a second opinion. That is something for later on in the process, whereas most proof is unearthed immediately after the event. Moreover, we understand that there is more than just the visible damage. Your company has to get back on its feet and you want to move forward commercially. The sooner we can support you with this, the more we can do for you.

  • Why opt for Von Reth contra-expertise?

    Von Reth contra-expertise has no relationship whatsoever with insurance companies so you can be certain our assessment will be objective. Moreover, our findings are based on years of experience. Founded in 1925, Von Reth contra-expertise has a wealth of knowledge, held by assessors who are entirely at home in their own fields. Buildings, equipment or business interruption: our in-depth knowledge covers many areas.

At home in the jargon

"Von Reth contra-expertise’s staff speak the insurers’ language. This facilitates communication in the aftermath of a fire, as NEM experienced. The damage to our equipment and premises was very annoying, yet it was a matter of routine for Von Reth contra-expertise to handle this smoothly. The agency is efficient, professional and provides the right support."

Peter van Huis, controller at the MAF Group that consists of, among other entities, the Nederlandse Erts- en Mineraalbewerking (NEM) in Vlaardingen

Step by step through the entire process

“Thorough. Short lines, fast and efficient. Von Reth contra-expertise provided excellent service after a lightning strike had caused considerable fire, smoke and soot damage at our commercial premises. Their assessors pointed out things we never would have thought of and lead you through the entire settlement process step by step. This support is extremely valuable during the period immediately after a major loss event.” – Jan van Dalen van Hummel Keukens, Badkamers en Tegels, Haulerwijk

Scope of loss properly established

“After a fire, our baker’s business Bakken met Passie was closed for five months. That impacted sales. But how do you properly quantify this  alongside the material damage? Luckily we had Von Reth contra-expertise on our side. The team took a lot of work off our hands, was committed and handled our case in the correct manner. Nice to know you can rely on such experts.” – Co Meijssen of Broodbakker Simon Meijssen B.V. en Bakken met Passie, Amsterdam

Finding the right information fast

“Lots of issues have to be dealt with after a fire … it’s then that you truly appreciate other people digging up the right information for you, properly interpreting clauses and showing their commitment. Von Reth contra-expertise did just that. An expert ally that supports you at every turn. We are very grateful to the team.” – Martijn Haasbeek of boek- en kantoorvakhandel Haasbeek Herenhof bv, Alphen aan den Rijn 


Fire, storm, smoke and water damage, burglary, theft... loss events are always unexpected. Engage Von Reth contra-expertise’s loss assessors if disaster strikes. You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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